CoinOp Story – Alpha Demo

CoinOP Story game

CoinOp Story is an amazing retro metroidvania (retroidvania?) from the genius that created There Is No Game, that sees you controlling sentient arcade cabinet in the dying world of Jamma, who must collect all the Jamma game cards from broken arcade cabinets and bring them to the ‘Castle of nostalgia’.

In the near future all the classic arcade cabinets of yesteryear have ended up in a huge dump, broken and abandoned like garbage.  This is until Gen, a generic little arcade cabinet, awakens after being struck by lightning, and along with his little talking calculator buddy (Professor Delta) sets out to collect all the classic Jamma game cards and take them to the mysterious ‘Castle of Nostalgia’.

Each of these Jamma cards is a charming tongue-in-cheek homage to classic video games, from Bubble Bobble to Street Fighter 2, and each of the new cards unlocks a new ability which will aid your adventure and allow access to new areas of the map.

The Alpha Demo of CoinOp Story offers up a sizeable half hour chunk of the game, with plenty of secrets and pleasant surprises.  The humor, gameplay and pixel art animation throughout are all fantastic, and by the end you’ll be dying to see more of this marvellous metroidvania.  A must for retro gaming fans and fans of gaming in general.

Check Out a CoinOp Story Playthrough HERE

Download The CoinOp Story Alpha Demo HERE (Don’t Use Chrome – Google Hates Mega Downloads)