Cold Calling – Alpha Demo

Cold Calling is a very funny and fast paced puzzler where you take on the role of a White House switchboard operator who must connect calls so that various world leaders can discuss whether The Soviets are hiding a nuclear warhead at their border (or whether it’s just a little boy who looks suspiciously like a rocket).

After your predecessor went down with asbestos poisoning, you now have a new job as a switchboard operator for the White House. This means that you need to connect the wires in such a way that the different colored call dots will reach the correct colored world leader on the right hand side of the screen. Some calls also have interference, which you need to get rid of before you connect to the recipient by passing them through resistors first. It’s a fairly simple process that’ easy to pick up and play, but can get pretty tricky as more calls come in.

There are two missions in the current build taking around 15 minutes to play through. The fast paced call-connecting gameplay is fun, but it’s the ridiculous narrative and quirky humor that most impresses about Cold Calling. There’s a wide variety of world leaders such as Nixon, JFK, Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev, all of which are lampooned in various ways as the Soviet’s ineptly try to disguise their nuclear missile as a young boy called Bolgi!

It’s a lot of fun and really impresses with it’s visual style, switchboard based gameplay and witty humor. A cold war switchboard operator sim well worth connecting to.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cold Calling Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)