Cold Hearts – Alpha Demo

Cold Hearts Download

Cold Hearts is a very odd visual novel adventure in which you date refrigerators and contemplate the meaning of life.

In Cold Hearts you play a guy or girl who’s father has recently passed away, leaving you his appliance store. You’re dealing with he grief and attempting to do your best with the store and then one night your kitchen refrigerator clomps through to your bedroom and starts talking to you! From there on in, things just get even stranger as you encounter a variety of odd characters and pursue different romance options – most of which are with refrigerators.

Cold Hearts is currently being created by devs who have previously worked on Witcher 3 and Tower of Guns, so it’s well put together unlike a lot of other visual novel dating sims. The artwork is great, there are branching narrative pathways and the writing is very mature and thought provoking considering the bizarre dating a refrigerator premise. A wonderfully weird adventure that’ll make you think twice the next time you open your refrigerator!

Download The Cold Hearts Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)