Cold Vengeance – Alpha Demo

Clod Vengeance

Cold Vengeance, a game being created by Malec2b, is an addictive third person run and gun action game that sees you fighting back against a totalitarian government that took over Canada.

You play as Sgt. Jon Dagger, who has been charged with saving the president from the clutches of the new Canadian government. With only his trusted gun, fully upgradable I might add, by his side you must fight against the tyrannical waves of army units sent out to stop you by any means necessary. Ranging from heavy sword welding nut jobs to grenade lobbing commands, the powers that be will stop at nothing to put you in an early grave and see their plans come to fruition.

Cold Vengeance uses 3D graphics, but with a low polygon count to make you feel as though you’re playing a game from the N64 era. The game itself is extremely enjoyable, with multiple enemies types that keep getting thrown at you. It makes it harder to spot the incoming troops as the foreground in front of you is covered in a yellow haze, making it hard to see your targets before they come flying at you with swords in hand. This mechanic is quite fun however, making you think twice about running head first into unexplored territory. One of the best features in the game is the ability to upgrade your weapon to make it shoot faster and even have different bullet types to give you a jump on your opponent.

All in all Cold Vengeance is shaping up very nicely –  perfect for a bit of super-fun run and gun action.

Check out the Cold Vengeance Greenlight Page Here

Download the Cold Vengeance Alpha Demo Here (Windows,Mac & Linux)