COLINA: Legacy – Alpha Demo


COLINA: Legacy is a very creepy third person horror adventure that plays like a blend of Silent Hill and Alan Wake, with you searching your grandmother’s house for signs of your missing parents armed only with a flashlight and some runes.

In COLINA: Legacy you play Alex, a young man who wakes up in his parents car just outside his grandmother’s house. After entering your grandmother’s house it soon becomes apparent that no one’s there and that some very weird sh*t is going down that involves powerful runes and evil mannequins.

As you explore the house you come across a flashlight and a God Rune, which can be combined to allow you to see hidden messages scrawled across the walls, open locked doors and fend off mannequins. These mannequins are particularly terrifying as they’re fast and very deadly if you get trapped in a corner.

COLINA: Legacy is still very early in development, so there are a few little niggles (the mannequin attacks can feel a little unfair at times), but on the whole it’s shaping up to be an excellent horror adventure – packed with tension, puzzles and big scares. A very creepy adventure well worth shining a flashlight on.

Check Out a COLINA: Legacy Gameplay Video Here

Download The COLINA: Legacy Alpha Demo Here (Windows)