Colony 42 – Alpha Demo

Colony 42

Colony 42, a game being created by Verdict Studios LLC, is an extremely stylish first person survival horror game that grips you with its eerie atmosphere and beautifully designed bunker type complex.

Colony 42 instantly gets the player wondering “What the hell happened?” and “Where the hell am I” as your character comes to after the elevator you where inside collapse to the bottom of the bunker. After brushing off the events of the elevator collapse, you gather yourself and start explore your surroundings. It’s clear that something terrible has happened with no signs of life around you and debris scattered all over the place. With no clues as to the where the complexes inhabitants are and no idea as to why you’re here, you’re journey is going to one of mystery, horror and a sense that someone is always watching you from a far.

Although the Alpha Demo is lacking in any real terror or peril, Colony 42’s audio and visual design both hit the mark perfectly, helping to build a tense atmosphere and plenty of small moments of uncertainty of whether you’re truly alone or not.  A deeply atmospheric and suspenseful experience well worth checking out if you’re a lover of survival horror.

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Download the Colony 42 Demo Here (Windows Only)