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color wave game download

Color Wave is a very strange blend of fast food and inventive first person puzzle platforming in which you fire different colored condiments at blank walls to alter their structure.

Color Wave starts with you walking into a fast food restaurant and ordering a burger. While that may sound pretty normal, everything that happens once you take a bite of that burger is anything but! We have no idea what was in that burger, but it transports you to a gigantic obstacle course in space with color-coded blocks, an evil giant floating burger and dancing checkout assistants.

As well as being full of odd surprises, Color Wave has some wonderfully inventive first person puzzle platforming gameplay that centers around you using different colored condiments to alter the structure of the game world. There are four different types of blocks in the game world – white ones which behave like normal blocks, red ones which disappear when you get close to them, blue ones that expand outwards and yellow ones that make you bounce high up into the air. These different colored blocks come in handy when traversing the environment, and once you find the condiment gun you can even shoot at them to change their color. This makes for a wonderfully free-form approach puzzle solving, in which there are usually multiple ways you can make it through a section.

Sure, Color Wave is VERY weird, but it also backs up it’s weirdness with some inventive, fun and cleverly designed puzzle platforming gameplay. A crazy fast food adventure well worth taking a bite out of!

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