Colored – Beta Demo


Colored is a magical hand drawn puzzle platformer that allows players to switch between two parallel dimensions as you explore it’s world that’s packed with diverse puzzles and beautiful hand drawn artwork.

Although the mechanics are quite different, Colored feels fondly reminiscent of Braid, with no hand holding or unnecessary filler as you explore it’s beautiful world. The more you discover of the world, the more you figure out more about how it works and how you can solve it’s devious puzzles. You can switch between dimensions at the touch of a button and depending where you are in the world this can have a mixture of different effects – such as stopping moving platforms, materializing levers ar freezing enemies where they stand. Although some puzzles may initially seem impossible, every one can be solved – you just have to figure out how.

It’s still early in development, but already Colored is already a captivating puzzle platforming experience. It’s a joy exploring it’s enchanting parallel worlds and discovering what makes them tick.

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Download The Colored Beta Demo Here