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Combowar game download

Combowar is a fun 3D shoot-em-up in which you blast your way through a massive army while transforming between a Machinegun Jeep, an Attack Chopper and and a powerful Mech.

In Combowar you start off in a little Jeep equipped with a machinegun and a rocket with an aim of wiping out an entire army then blowing up their base. There are no power-ups in the game, but it features a unique upgrade system that allows you to switch between vehicles on the fly. Each time you attack an enemy unit while driving the Jeep, the power bar rises for the Attack Chopper, which will then allow you to transform into instantly by pressing the right mouse button. Attacking enemies with the Attack Chopper in turn makes the power bar increase for the Mech, which when full will auto-transform you into the Mech and allows you to kick some serious ass.

There’s a nice selection of enemies to battle in the current build, from rocket-wielding grunts to gigantic Godzilla-sized mechs that take some serious firepower to take down. There are also small outposts to capture, which will allow your air-base to move closer to your goal and grant you an extra AI unit that you can deploy to assist you on the battlefield.

Combowar offers an interesting mix of cute 3D visuals, blood splattered combat, fast paced shoot-em-up style gameplay and Anime-esque oddity (such as a particularly well endowed giant mechapanda). There are some things we’d love to see implemented within the game, such as weapon upgrades, a bit more variety and destructible scenery, but even in its current form (if you can overlook a few rough edges) it’s a wonderfully eccentric slice of shoot-em-up action well worth checking out.

Note: Every time you capture an outpost you’ll earn an extra AI troop unit to deploy. You can deploy them by holding ‘E’ then pressing the LMB.

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Download The Combowar Prototype Here (Windows)