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Command of War is a highly addictive and challenging WWI trench warfare RTS in which you attempt to manage the deployments of your squads across a hostile battlefield.

The adorable 2D visuals of Command of War belie a surprisingly hardcore RTS experience, where strategy really is king. It’s not possible to just wait long enough to build up a giant force and go in all guns blazing – as the enemy has the same resources, and is always building it’s forces and going on the attack (plus deadly airstrikes mean it’s a folly to put all your troops in one trench). It really is a battle of attrition, with you having to rely on the strengths of your individual units as you exploit your enemies weak spots.

There are five different units you can deploy at the moment from – riflemen, submachine gunners, snipers, officers and machine-gunners. Riflemen are a cheap all-round unit, submachine gunners are faster and useful for attacking enemy trenches, snipers are perfect for picking off enemies at long range, officers are powerful and give nearby soldiers a stat boost, and machine gunners are perfect for wiping out troops that are charging across no mans land. The sniper, the officer and the machine gunner are all very powerful units to have in your side, but they are expensive so it can be a lot of money down the drain if they fall foul of an airstrike. You also have tanks and airstrikes that you can call in which can really do some damage to the enemy forces, but they’re expensive too so must be used wisely.

The trenches play a major part in Command of War, with you getting a large defensive bonus when hiding in them, but you’re sitting ducks when out in the open. This makes the Tank a useful part of your strategy for the final push, as it draws the enemy fire and stops your troops being massacred.

The Beta Demo of Command of War is very challenging, so it will most likely take some time to beat. It’s a battle where both sides have equal resources (other than the small bonuses you receive during play) – it’s just a matter of who uses them the best will win, and the AI will happily crush you for making mistakes. We can’t wait to see more of Command of War in the future as it’s a very addictive, stylish and very tactical take on the RTS genre.

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Download The Beta Demo Build Here

18 thoughts on “Command of War – Beta Demo”

  1. i love this game whens the next update? best game i have played this year :) i hope it will be a hit :) keep up the work :) im loveing it :)

  2. I saw a youtube video on this game and it looks AWESOME!!!! Unfortunately, i have a Mac and i can’t find a mac download version (if there is one). PLZ make this playable on Mac too! I really want to try this game out.

  3. BEST GAME there isn’t much games like this keep up the work is the people who have demo get full for free if so i will faint!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good game, will buy when it comes out, but quick question, can you make snipers like the MGs where they don’t go out on a charge? Officers should also follow on a charge, but mine did not. Otherwise it is a really good game. Very similar to other games of its type, such as WW1 medic, or warfare 1917, but that is not a bad thing.

  5. Great game, very similar to warfare 1917, that is not a bad thing. Question for the devs, can you make it so snipers stay in the trench on a charge much like MGs do? And officers, since they give bonuses on the attack, should act like the snipers do and go out when you click to move the trench. Otherwise wonderful time, I will buy this one day.

  6. This game, I hate it! I can’t call the real world war one generals idiots anymore! (I lost the battle with Much MUCH higher casualties than ze germans) In all seriousness though, Love it, will DEFINITELY buy it when it comes out.

  7. This game is epic. cannon wait for the full release. From the get go, it is difficult. But you know what you did wrong. love it

  8. If you can download it by clicking twice, try right click and open in new tab.
    That should solve the problem.

  9. So my thought so far: I have played about half an hour and i like it a lot. It has very good potential to be a very good game, but there are still some problems but, hey, its in alpha. So the main one i noticed is that it doesn’t save your progress, and that’s a bit annoying. I also think that you should be able to fall back from trench to trench, as all your guys get absolutely obliterated when the mortars hit, but make it so its not to op as it would be to easy and take out a lot of challenge. Some ways you can make it less op: make it so there’s no button under the trench (like the puss or advanced options menu) you should put it into the advanced menu options as it takes time to open and select. People may keep on the advanced options menu and when they here it they fall back, but maybe if they are in it for more than 5 secs make it so there’s no sound. Other than that i will tell you what i like about it:
    I do like the challenge in the game as it makes it very fun
    I like how you get random drops and rewards
    Over all everything about the game is really cool

    Things you should add:
    More troops
    Traps, EG: land mines barbed wire that has an effect ect…
    More music (sound tracks) and more emotional background noises, like screams and more distant gun shots

    Thanks for all the fun ive had and i hope this helps :D

    • Well.. In WW1 your men didn’t fall back. Its like deserting once your out of the trench if you rn back you would be shot by your own men or your officer.. The only time you retreat is when your entire army is retreating out of the area.. Or your deserting..

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