coMpANy – Game Jam Build Download

coMpANy is a short and stylish low rez first person puzzle adventure in which you’re tasked with mindlessly rolling balls into different receptacles and failure to do so will have serious consequences!

You start coMpANy in a small room with an outdoor view and three different colored receptacles along one wall. You’re then ordered to place the various colored balls that drop into your room into the matching receptacles. It’s a soul-crushingly dull job, which can be prone to error due to the fact that you can’t pick up the balls – you have to roll them. Mistakes will be punished though and don’t even think about trying to escape…

coMpANy doesn’t take too long to complete (depending on how compliant you are with the company) and it offers up some fun twists along the way. The visual style and menacing voice that orders you around are very well done, creating a nice sense of atmosphere as you perform your menial tasks (or don’t). A short, stylish and strange little experience well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download coMpANy Here (Windows)