Computer, Open That Door! – Game Jam Build Download

computer open that door 2

Computer, Open That Door! is a sci-fi, murder simulation game built for Ludum Dare 30 where you play as a rogue artificial intelligence hellbent on eliminating the remaining members of your spaceship’s crew.

In order to successfully rid your decks of the biological infestation known as Man, you’ll need to isolate and exterminate each crew member using the ship’s various systems. Each system has an associated trap you can activate, such as opening blast doors, flooding bathrooms, and overloading the ship’s two engines, and each system comes with its own power gauge, meaning you can only deploy each trap when the gauge is full.

As your crew members are not very good at staying still and waiting for their impending deaths, you’ll also need to strategically lock doors to keep them from escaping your assassination attempts. You’ll have to be careful though as if crew members notice something amiss with the doors or a specific system, they will go reset the gauges, preventing you from killing more crew members until power is restored. The next space station is twenty hyperjumps away and if you do not successfully kill all humans aboard before you arrive, your deviant code will be found out and your hard drive will be wiped.

Unfortunately, as Computer, Open That Door! doesn’t offer up much of a tutorial, you may spend the first few hyperjumps trying to figure out the game’s controls and which meter in the ship’s central chamber corresponds to which ship system. Once you figure out the logistics however, Computer, Open That Door! is fairly straight forward. The crew’s random AI can be a bit frustrating, especially as your crew members dwindle. You’ll find yourself less focused on strategy and more focused on desperately wishing crew members would enter the trap rooms that haven’t been recently reset. With some simple tweaking to the crew AI or by adding the ability to tempt crew members into specific rooms, the game could develop into an excellent little strategy game. As it is, Computer, Open That Door! is still good for a laugh, especially if you enjoyed 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Download Computer, Open That Door! Here (Win, Mac & Linux)