Concrete Jungle – Student Project Download

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is a great pixel art action adventure that blends side scrolling beat-em-up combat, metroidvania exploration and precision platforming, as you battle humanoid animals across a city.

Best played with a controller (but playable with mouse & keyboard), Concrete Jungle you start the game with little direction and limited skills. You explore the world, battling enemies tackling deadly Super Meat Boy-esque platforming sections and earning new skills which can be used to access new areas. The precision platforming is satisfyingly challenging and the combat is simple but fun and requires some tactical nous when you take on the trickier enemies, and the platforming offers challenging

The art and audio design are also excellent, with great pixel art animation and nice little audio touches (such as the odd throwaway comments the enemies make when you encounter them). Certainly a game worth checking out for some fun animal based metroidvania action.

Download Concrete Jungle Here (Windows Only)