Conformity – Prototype Download

Conformity is an intense little first person horror game which sees you exploring a creepy abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere.

There’s not a whole lot of narrative in Conformity at the moment, but it opens with you standing outside a cabin in a remote location. As you venture inside the cabin, you find it to be full of rustic furnishings and old pictures, but maybe it’s not quite as uninhabited as you first thought…

It’s still very much a rough prototype at the moment and the jump scares are a little cheesy, but there’s a lot to like about Conformity. The attention to detail in the environment is remarkable and the ambient sound design does a great job of filling you with dread. There’s a moment when you have to walk towards a mysterious entity in a rocking chair that is particularly terrifying. Well worth checking out for a rough, but very promising slice of haunted house horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Conformity Prototype Here (Windows)