Conga Master – Game Jam Build Download

conga master game

Conga Master is a super happy, hip swinging, finger snapping conga game in which you dance around a discotheque gathering party-goers for your Snake-like conga line.

Your aim is to create as long a conga line as possible, by dancing around other party-goers until they decide to join your train.  The controls are simple, with just 2 buttons to direct your movement, but it can make for some deceptively tricky gameplay as you navigate your way around the dance floor – you don’t want to bash into other party-goers and you have to avoid pigs at all costs.

Everything about Conga Master will make you smile – from the superb soundtrack to fun gameplay and the adorable dancing animations of the revellers.  It’s a wonderfully satisfying experience spreading the joy of conga and building up a snaking, gyrating line across the dance floor.  So what are you waiting for?  Come and join the conga!

Download Conga Master Here (Win & Mac)

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