Conquer Humanity – Beta Demo

Conquer Humanity is a very shallow but entertaining horde hell action game where a supervillain uses their powers to massacre and conquer humanity.

In Conquer Humanity you are very much the bad guy. Your goal is to conquer humanity and to that it seems like you’re going to kill most of it. Your main weapon is your Superman style laser-eyes, which you can use to slice through and dismember the hordes of humans as they quake in fear. You also have telekinetic powers, hyper-speed dashes and brutal melee attacks which become increasingly important as stronger enemies are introduced.

The current build of Conquer Humanity feels a little more like a tech demo than a game as there’s very little depth to the gameplay, but it is entertaining and the levels of on-screen carnage is impressive. It could do with increasing the difficulty early on and a roguelike style upgrade system would help to add more depth. That said, if you fancy a bit of superpowered genocide, Conquer Humanity has you covered.

Download The Conquer Humanity Beta Demo Here (Steam)