Conquistador – Game Jam Build Download

Conquistador is a short horror action platformer where a Conquistador fights his way through a cursed land.

Created for the A Game By Its Cover 2020 jam, Conquistador follows the adventure of a Conquistador who travelled to a new land in search of fortune. The land is not as welcoming as you’d hope though and certainly isn’t keen on being conquered and pillaged by the likes of you. You now need to fight through the wilderness as you try to survive and escape from this cursed place.

Taking around five minutes to play through, Conquistador is a fun, atmospheric and very stylish little action platforming adventure. Your little Conquistador has a melee attack and can collect ammo for their gun, and you can eat from carcasses to increase your health. There are various different enemies to dispatch, all of which are represented via their beautifully animated silhouettes.

Conquistador is a fairly short game, but it’s still a tense experience and it has a dread-filled atmosphere. The pixel art animation is excellent and the cursed land is a fascinating place to explore. A great little adventure full of dark beauty.

Download The Way Down Here (Windows)