CONSCRIPT – Kickstarter Demo

CONSCRIPT is a tense and atmospheric Resident Evil inspired 2D survival horror adventure that takes place in the bloody trenches of Verdun, in France during the First World War.

Currently in development by Catchweight Studio (creator of the excellent Project Abel), in CONSCRIPT you follow the story of a French soldier during WWI. Supplies are low, morale is lower, conditions are terrible, bodies litter the trenches and the Germans show no signs of letting up. To make matters worse your brother was shot. He was taken to a medical bunker and the wound wasn’t infected, but you need to reach him. To make matters worse a German attack has devastated your platoon and weird mutant soldiers are lurking in the trenches.

The CONSCRIPT demo takes around 45 minutes to play through and features a nice chunk of gameplay. The Resident Evil influences are pretty obvious, with tank controls, limited inventory space, interconnected storage boxes and a typewriter-esque save system. There’s a nice selection of weapons, ranging from a spiked club to a trench gun and there are various object-combining puzzles to solve along the way.

There are a couple of rough edges in the current build, such as ammo not reloading in certain weapons (the trench gun and the revolver) and the fact that some of the weapons take so long to shoot and reload that they’re useless against the fast moving enemies. Weapon issues aside, it’s a very impressive game that’s shaping up to deliver a welcome slice of old school survival horror. The pixel art animation is fantastic and the First World War setting works very well – blending survival horror with the horrors of war to great effect. Highly recommended

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