[consume] – Game Jam Build Download

[consume] is a fun little Carrion-esque reverse-horror game where you become an amorphous monster and consume the scientists and guards patrolling an underground cave system.

Created for the MashUp game jam, the concept of [consume] is very similar to Carrion, but the mechanics of your propulsion are very different (and more like Cardiac). Much like in Carrion, [consume] you control a gross looking red blob monster that gains mass by consuming humans and uses its tendrils to move around and grab stuff. However, in Carrion your monster automatically moves in the direction you point the mouse in, but in [consume] you actually control two tendrils yourself and use them to latch onto structures and pull you forward.

Due to the time constraints of the game jam, there’s not a lot of environmental detail and the game is fairly short, but it’s a lot of fun using your tendrils to sneak around as you try to get the drop on the humans. The tendril-based movement system works well and it would be nice to see it expanded on in the future.

Download [consume] Here (Windows)