Game Submissions

At Alpha Beta Gamer we’re always on the lookout for games to feature on the site.  If you have a game that is in development which you’d like us to feature on Alpha Beta Gamer please feel free to contact us with the details!


The 3 Alpha Beta Gamer Golden Rules of Game Submissions 

1. All games that we feature have to be in development.

2. Sign-ups or downloads have to be free to the public.

3. If the game build is behind a paywall, we may consider doing a game key giveaway (50 key minimum).


You can send details of any games to:

And please, if you are on Greenlight, you are more than welcome to post details of any Alpha/Beta/Demo on our Steam Group page:


Note:  We are very busy, so you might not always get a reply from us, but every submission gets read and added to the list of possible games for us to cover.  If you have any YouTube footage of the game and images, it would be much appreciated if you could include that in the e-mail.

All the games submitted are added to a list of possible games that we can cover, then our writers are allowed to freely pick which ones interest them the most.  The list is constantly growing, so this means that some games may take a while to make it onto ABG and some may not make it on at all, but we try to check out as many as possible.