Contemp – Student Project Download

Contemp Game Download

Contemp is a short atmospheric first person horror adventure that has a incredibly high level of visual fidelity and environmental detail as you explore an abandoned house that may not be quite as uninhabited as you’d hope!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, the gameplay in Contemp is fairly on-rails, with you going from room to room, triggering actions that allow you access to more of the house. It’s not revealed exactly why you’ve decided to explore this ridiculously creepy abandoned house in the middle of the night, but as soon as you set foot in there you’ll wish you hadn’t! There aren’t that many full on scares, but there’s a real sense of tension as you explore the house and little things like lights going out or unexplained noises can really freak you out.

The finale may lack a little bite, but the build up as you creep about the dusty old house is very impressive. The environments are incredibly detailed, easily on par with an AAA release like Resident Evil 7 or PT, making the whole thing feel very real and the setting feel very authentic. Hopefully the dev continues to work on Contemp as considering the remarkable amount of work that’s gone into creating the games near photorealistic environment, 10 minutes feel like a very short time to stay there!

Download Contemp Here (Windows)