CONTINUUM – Alpha Download

CONTINUUM is an eye-melting, time-bending, block-blasting shoot ‘em up extravaganza that blends pulsing TRON-esque visuals with Daft Punk inspired music as you collect OTT power-ups and obliterate waves of Tetris-esque blocks.

In CONTINUUM you control the flow of time and blast your way through waves of block based enemies. There’s a LOT going on on-screen and some very novel gameplay elements implemented in the game – most notably the spectacular power-ups, the way you can manipulate time and way the Tetris-esque blocks drop and settle at the bottom of the screen.

In the game the speed that time passes is dependent on your vertical position in the screen – so if you sit at the bottom of the screen everything moves in slow motion and if you move further up things start to get a whole lot faster. This allows you to dictate the speed of play, making things harder or easier on-the-fly, while looking pretty damn cool in the process.

Each wave of enemies comprises of a large assortment of Tetris-esque blocks and then a big boss enemy that you need to blow up the core of. You really need to try and shoot as many of the falling blocks as possible as any missed ones will sit at the bottom of the screen and confine your movement – though you do have access to shields and some incredibly powerful power-up that can help remove them too.

CONTINUUM really is a spectacular thing to witness in motion – the time-bending, the pulsing neon visuals, the bombastic weaponry, the snazzy particle effects and the dynamic tempo of the music all make for an audio/visual feast that’s a joy to behold. Highly recommended.

Download The CONTINUUM Alpha Here (Windows)