Contra 2028 – Student Project Game

Contra 2028 is a super tough Unreal Engine 4 powered third person horde mode shooter that sees you blasting waves of aliens, earning upgrades and using Vanquish-style powerslides as you attempt to survive as long as possible.

Contra 2028 is a hommage to the Contra series, but the gameplay is very different – in fact it shares more in common with Vanquish and Gears of War. In the game you control a gruff British soldier who must fend off the increasingly challenging hordes of aliens that try to attack you. Along the way you’ll be given objectives such as ‘kill 2 enemies in a single jump’ or ‘protect the generator’, for which you’ll earn points, placeable turrets, stat upgrades and ammo.

Every upgrade you earn in Contra 2028 is a godsend as (much like the Contra games) it’s a very tough game. Staying alive longer than five minutes is a real achievement, but with a bit of practice and some mastery of the Hyper-Jump and the Vanquish style powerslide it’s possible to show those aliens who’s boss (if even for a short time).

The high difficulty level in Contra 2028 is actually a godsend as it means you bypass the trap that most horde mode games fall into – being too easy at the start and taking ages to get into the meat of the action. Contra 2028 has you on the back foot right from the start, with even the first wave of enemies able to take you out if you’re not careful.

It’s a tough and addictive shooter, with high quality visuals and fast paced gameplay that’s perfect for short bursts of adrenaline fuelled alien blasting fun. Good luck soldier, you’ll need it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Contra 2028 Here (Windows)

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  1. Hu, I’m from the team and first of all thank you so much for the review. And just to update you on the situation that the game is now only downloadable from the website and no longer on Drive. :)

    Sylvain form Contragon.

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