Contrast – Student Game Download

Contrast is a Portal-esque first person Sci-Fi adventure where you solve polarity and physics based puzzles while learning what it means to be human.

Created by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, in Contrast you become a service android that has just been activated and must carry out a series of tests before you are ready to be released into the world. However, it seems that the facility you’re in has seen better days and perhaps there may not be anyone around to serve once the tests are done…

The format of Contrast is quite similar to Portal, with you going from test chamber to test chamber, accompanied by a flying AI robot that gives you guidance. The puzzles revolve around polarity rather than portals though, with you able to alter the polarity of certain cubes to make them attract or repel and guide them to the desired areas.

It’s obviously quite derivative of Portal, but it’s a fun little adventure with some very creative puzzle design and an interesting story. The art design and voicework are well done and your polarity-based powers are used in some very creative ways as you explore the facility.

Note: You can control the game with a mouse and keyboard, but the sensitivity is a little weird. It’s much better to play with a control pad.

Download Contrast Here (Windows)