Cookies – Alpha Demo

Cookies is a very weird drug-fuelled first person horror game set within a roach infested flop house, with dead bodies, gun nuts, a kool-aid-drinking death cult and a rat king.

Created by Stef Pinto (creator of Exit Mask) and drawing inspiration from Twin Peaks and Fear and Loating in Las Vegas, in Cookies you take on the role of a low level drug dealer who lives in a dilapidated apartment block full of roaches, rats and the occasional dead body. After ingesting some shrooms the King of the Rats suddenly appears in your kitchen, who promptly sends you on a quest for food. From here on in, things only get weirder…

Cookies is still early in development so there are a few issues at the moment – mainly based around the game’s rather unintuitive inventory system, an inability to pick up certain objects that you drop (such as the credit card) and the over-the-top VHS tracking effects (which can be turned off). Once you get to grips with its eccentricities a fascinating experience though, with lots of weird surprises, a very detailed (and disturbing) environment and a grimy lo-fi atmosphere. There’s a lot of content for a demo too with two separate storylines and lots of odd characters to meet – it’ll be interesting to see who’s lurking behind the locked doors in the full game.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cookies Alpha Demo Here (Windows)