Cooking With SATAN – Game Jam Build Download

Cooking with satan

Cooking With SATAN, a cooking game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you mixing all manner of weird ingredients as you make cupcakes with Satan!

You are looking to make some delicious cupcakes in the only way you know how; by sacrificing items to Satan! You must collect strange ingredients from around your house to make the cupcake shown on the computer screen. Normal things like food or everyday items can be found in any of the upstairs rooms. You are able to open up drawers, fridges, and move objects around to find what you need. Downstairs, in the basement, you have your collection of satanic objects; hearts of animals, hands, ivory, and many other things. Scattered randomly around the house are candles.

You must find these ingredients one at a time and bring them to your sacrificing table. Once you have everything there, the magic happens. Satan takes all of your objects and turns them into a beautiful cupcake. You’re not quite sure if these cupcakes are edible, so you can stack them in your kitchen and move onto the next one. Sometimes, these recipes call for strange things; lava lamps, heart of cow, your computer mouse. Satan needs what Satan needs. No time to question it in this silly satanic cooking game!

Play or Download Cooking With SATAN Here (Windows & Browser)