Cool Hat Mr Hat – Game Jam Build Download

Cool Hat Mr Hat, a hat collecting platformer made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you wearing all the hats you collect of enemies, in hopes of becoming tall enough to collect coins!

In Cool Hat Mr Hat, you are looking to stomp on the heads of people who have cooler hats then you. Stomping on their heads will force them to freeze and then disappear after a few seconds, popping their hat off their head and sending it flying. You can then grab the hat and wear it on your own head. This entire game takes place on one screen – with the other hat-wearers falling in from above you, so you won’t ever need to go far to find a new hat.

If you run into people and you are wearing at least one hat, you will just lose all your hats and get to continue. If you do not have a hat on your head and you get hit by a person, you will die and need to restart. But, why have all these hats anyway? Well, other than them looking super cool, you can use the height of your hats to hit a coin block in the middle of the screen. These coins are the points you can earn in the game – though if you continue to collect hats, you may become too tall and unable to hit the coin block. In that case, you will need to get hit and collect all the hats once again. Cool Hat Mr Hat is a simple arcade game, but is super fun to play through – and look at all those awesome hats!!

Download Cool Hat Mr Hat Here (Windows)