Copod is a vibrant 2D top-down exploration roguelite, set in a colourful, beautiful, organic feeling world.   All you have to do is impress your mate by finding a flower and bringing it back to her.  However, it’s a dangerous place to be exploring, and you’re only a little Copod, you’ll have to use your wits to survive.

This isn’t a fast and frantic shooter, things are a bit more sedate and all the better for it.  There are no time limits so you’re free to explore the world as you see fit, uncovering lots of wonderfully animated (though usually deadly) creatures.  Adding to the relaxed atmosphere, your Copod can be controlled entirely by your mouse, move with the left button, attack with the right and select weapons with the roller.  There’s a nice selection of power-ups available and the ability to hatch Copod eggs, with the youngsters then following you and attacking enemies, or you can sacrifice them for more health.

With a colourful, well crafted world that feels like it’s part of one big ecosystem, it’s a joy exploring the world of Copod, a wonderful, chilled-out roguelite with a very organic feel.

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