Copperfields – Beta Demo

Copperfields is a 2D cinematic action platforming adventure where a potted plant uses robotic pieces to adapt and survive on a journey towards the promised land.

Drawing inspiration from Rain World and Inside, Copperfields is a bit like if Unirally was a cinematic platforming adventure. In the game you take control of a potted plant who has the ability to commandeer pieces of robotic technology. The first thing you take control of is a robotic unicycle wheel, which you use to transport you around the world. As you progress you also unlock more parts, such as a gear that allows you to operate mechanisms or a makeshift umbrella to protect you from dripping acid.

The Copperfields demo features a large chunk of gameplay and really impresses with its beautiful visuals, fun platforming gameplay and clever puzzle design. There’s not much in the way of a narrative at the moment, but it’s still a very promising game and the potted plant is wonderfully unique protagonist.

Download The Copperfields Beta Demo Here (Steam)