Copycat – Beta Demo

Copycat is a touching narrative driven adventure where you’re a newly adopted cat who is replaced by a copy-cat.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Copycat is a narrative-driven feline adventure where you play as a cat. You are Dawn, a cat who has recently been adopted by an elderly lady called Olive. You were planning on running away into the world, but Olive is actually very nice to you so you stay. However, complications arise when Olive gets ill and you get replaced by a sneaky copycat.

It’s a little slow paced (especially at the start) and perhaps a little too twee at times, but it’s a promising game with a touching story, great voice acting and an interesting story. Plus it’s nice to play as a cat who’s not a total dick for a change!

Download The Copycat Beta Demo Here (Steam)