Cordychosis – Alpha Demo

Cordychosis is a wonderfully weird time-travelling point and click adventure that all takes place within the same room at different points in time.

In Cordychosis you have been imprisoned in a room for a little over five years, but have managed to build a rudimentary time machine that may help you escape. The only problem is that it only allows you to travel back and forth to exactly five years in the past. Even with this limitation you should be able to escape by using objects in the past to dramatically affect the present.

The demo build of Cordychosis features an exclusive story that sees you attempting to throw the perfect birthday party for the version of yourself from five years ago. It does take a little while to wrap your head around what’s going on, but once you get to grips with it then it’s a lot of fun. The hand-drawn artwork is excellent, the puzzle design is very creative and the way your actions in the past alter the present are very clever.

Download The Alpha Demo Here (Steam)