Corona Black – Alpha Demo

Corona Black is a black and white Anime-styled adventure that sees you taking part in turn based mech battles as you attempt to win the prestigious Final Fortnight tournament.

The narrative of Corona Black sees you taking on the role of Dominique Shade, an ex-gangster who has left his family to go in search of some excitement and meaning to his life. He soon finds his calling in Rain City, where he cooks blazing omelettes, drinks, smokes and works on COWBOY – a mech that’s taking part in the Real Steel-esque Final Fortnight mech battle tournament.

The current demo build of Corona Black doesn’t feature any of the narrative though, instead thrusting you straight into a battle against a heavily armed mech. The combat is turn based, with you able to move, defend, use items and use a selection of attacks. It’s not the deepest of combat systems at the moment, but it’ll no doubt get more strategic as you face stronger opponents and unlock upgrades. One nice touch is your ability to use one of your attacks to scan your enemy and learn their weaknesses and stats, and you can also target individual parts of the enemy mech to disable them.

It’s still early in development but Corona Black shows a lot of promise – the turn based combat is easy to pick up and play, and the stylish anime visuals help create battles with a great sense of spectacle and awe. A turn based battle of titans that packs plenty of punch.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Alpha Demo Here (Windows)