Corpse Box Racers – Alpha Download

Corpse Box Racers Game Download

Corpse Box Racers is a very silly ragdoll racing game in which you attempt to manoeuvre boxes around deviously designed courses without losing the corpse that’s delicately balanced within it.

Corpse Box Racers is currently playable in single player or with up to four players in local split screen mode. Multiplayer offers plenty of silly ragdoll mayhem as players bump and bash each other while attempting to navigate weird and wonderful racetracks (such as one that sees you racing around the rim of a giant toilet bowl).

The races aren’t much fun in single player mode at the moment due to the fact that there’s no AI to race against, but there are a lots of challenge courses that offer plenty of fun for lone racers. The challenge courses offer lots of variety, from Super Monkey Ball-style obstacle courses to skate parks and basketball.

Corpse Box Racers is still very early in development and does have a few niggles (it’d be nice to be able to tilt the corpses slightly to make jump landings a little easier to pull off), but it shows a lot of promise and has plenty of opportunity for ragdoll mayhem and physics based hilarity.

Download The Corpse Box Racers Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Absolutely great game! I hope there is going to be more single player challenger levels but it’s a hilarious game, great job!
    (Little lets play here)

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