Corridors Of Uncertainty – Pre-Alpha Download

Corridors of Uncertainty

Corridors Of Uncertainty is procedurally generated rogue-like with fully destructible maps, a wide array of weaponry and plenty of violence.  The Pre-Alpha gives you one life to shoot, kill and demolish your way to the end of the levels, attempting to get as high a score as possible.

The weaponry is great fun to play around with, from lightsabers to rocket launchers, they all pack a punch.  You can use 4 different special powers too (focus, swift, fireball, and flash), they have useful effects, such as slowing down time or stunning enemies, but the most useful by far is fireball.  As well as rocket launchers and explosive containers, Fireball allows you to blow up walls and terrain.  This means that instead of searching for a key-card for a door, you can just blow your way around the door (you can still search for key-cards if you want, but this is way more fun).

Corridors Of Uncertainty can also be played in 2 player local co-op, with one player on mouse and keyboards and the other on a 360 controller.  It’s a great game, gameplay is fast, fun and brutal, with Hotline Miami-Style violence, field of view mechanics, special powers, destructible terrain and lightsabers.  Corridors of Carnage.

Download the Pre-Alpha HERE