Cosmic Boll – Prototype Download

Cosmic Boll is a fast paced and action packed adventure that plays like Sonic reimagined as a beat ‘em up!

In Cosmic Boll you take control of a cute little yellow ball who packs a real punch. The combat draws inspiration from Dragon Ball Advance Adventure and Astro Boy Omega Factor on the GBA, but the movement, character momentum and multi-route world design feels very much like a classic Sonic game.

The current build of Cosmic Boll features one large prototype level and you’ll need some real skill to make your way through it. There are lots of enemies to beat up and your health bar isn’t particularly large, but you do have a few useful moves up your sleeve. You can roll attack (much like Sonic), pull of rapid punch combos, punch back bullets, dash-dodge, use special attacks and use items that give you buffs.

It’s a tough game, with you massively outnumbered and constantly getting ambushed by enemies, but it’s great fun beating them up and it’s surprising the amount of fury your little ball creature can unleash! A cute and carnage filled beat em’ up platformer well worth rolling with.

Download The Prototype Here (Link On Right Side of Page, Under “Attached Files”)