Cosmic Dawn – Alpha Download

Cosmic Dawn is a fast paced and gloriously brutal QUAKE inspired retro run ‘n gun FPS where you use big guns to blast big monsters into little fleshy chunks.

Cosmic Dawn is very much a love letter to id Software’s classic QUAKE games with fast paced run ‘n gun gameplay, chunky 3D visuals, chunky weapons and monstrous enemies that you can blast into bloody chunks. The full game will feature a full campaign mode (complete with plenty of boss fights), a speedrun mode and a procedurally generated mode, but at the moment you can only test your skills on the Survival mode – and you really will need some skills as you try to survive against the waves of monsters in it!

It’s still clearly very early in development so it’s far from feature-complete and some of the weapons don’t even have skins yet, but the gameplay in Cosmic Dawn is already a blast. There’s a nice variety of beefy guns to try out and there’s a good selection of monsters to blast with them. You need to keep moving to survive – strafing and jumping out of danger while still managing ammo and fragging monsters.

There are a couple of small issues in the current build that may hamper your survival – you can’t swap weapons with the mouse wheel (you need to press 1-0, F, R, G or T to swap to specific weapons) and it would be nice if there was a quick way to switch to weapons that definitely have ammo (it’s hard to keep track in the heat of battle). Aside from these minor issues though Cosmic Dawn is coming along nicely. A glorious blood-splattered call back to the glory days of the 90’s FPS. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cosmic Dawn Alpha Here (Windows)

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  1. Is it still a “love letter” when its just blatantly copying/pasting assets from Quake 1 and 2? (as well as ripping off a few designs from other old shooters)

    This would be fine if this was just a mod, but this guy’s planning to sell this on Steam as an “original game”. That’s not right.

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