Cosmic Song – GameJam Build


Cosmic Song, a charming game made for the point and click jam, will have you exploring a strange land full of colorful dinosaurs who interact through song.

This cute point and click game has you controlling a dinosaur who has awoken with quite the fright when something falls from the sky. Now, you get to decide whether to check it out or explore the land. From there you are able to discover other cute dinosaurs with different abilities and different songs that they are able to sing. Each one can be used to help solve puzzles and move on in the game.

Cosmic Song has simplistic but adorable graphics, full of color and character, like a children’s storybook. The simple songs that the animals sing are quite charming and the whole game has a sort of mysterious, curiosity that keeps you playing to see what happens next.  The story so far is pretty short, but the current build is only a prototype, there is surely (and hopefully) more of this sweet prehistoric point and click adventure to come.

Play Cosmic Song in your browser HERE