Cosmogonic Overflow – Alpha Demo

Cosmogonic Overflow is a cleverly crafted cosmic horror metroidvania that’s played via a virtual book with pop-up pictures and interactable elements.

Playing a little like a blend of a Choose Your Own Adventure book and a metroidvania, Cosmogonic Overflow is a game that takes place entirely within a virtual book. You can read and flip pages as in a normal book, but to unlock more pages and progress the story you need to collect objects, solve puzzles and battle monsters.

It’s got some very creative interactions, such as replacing torn pages, learning useful Action words and using items such as lanterns to light up dark pages. The card-based combat system is a little too complex and not much fun (it would be better if it was removed, revamped or replaced by something else), but you can auto-battle your way through most of them if you’re not enjoying them. Meanwhile the lore is interesting and the monster art is excellent. It all makes for one of the most intriguing and unique takes on the metroidvania genre you’re likely to ever encounter.

Play the Cosmogonic Overflow Alpha Demo Here (Browser)