Cosmonautica – Alpha Download


Cosmonautica is a fun blend of space exploration and life simulation, with you trading, fighting other ships, managing resources and caring for your crew.

As captain of a small washed-up cruiser you’re tasked with putting together a well-balanced crew and guiding them through fun and humurous adventures in space.  You’ll explore the galaxy, trade goods (including rare and illegal items), upgrade your ship with a large variety of rooms, motivate and care for your crew and take part in space battles with other ships.

It’s a great take on the space sim genre, where your crew is just as important as your ship.  It’s still early in development so the game is not feature complete yet, but with it’s quirky sense of humour, plenty of depth and charming graphical style, Cosmonautica is a wonderful place to boldly go.

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UPDATE: A new build of Cosmonautica has been released which features lots of improvements, including new quests, a kitchen, passengers and a sandbox mode.  The devs are also doing a special giveaway that includes Steam Keys, T-Shirts and other goodies.

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Download the latest build HERE