Cosmos Invictus – Open Beta

Cosmos Invictus is an easily accessible, but deeply strategic Sci-Fi collectible card game that sees you commanding a battalion of heavily armed mechs in 1v1 turn based tactical battles.

Set in a distant future where the human race has colonised much of the solar system, Cosmos Invictus sees you pledging an allegiance to one of two factions that are in an epic war over rare solar elements and ancient alien technology. You take on the role of a captain on the front line of the battle, who must command an army of mechs, attempting to destroy your opponent’s command ship whilst protecting your own.

The CCG combat in Cosmos Invictus is very easy to pick up and play but hard to master, with it’s simple premise backed up by layers of strategy. You lay your cards on one of the seven available slots on the battlefield in front of you, with each space usually offering some type of buff, then you use them to attack your opponent’s mechs and command ship. There are lots of intricacies to the game, such as upgrading your command ship, refuelling and equipping the mechs with pilots – all of which can really affect your success on the battlefield. The combat is all stat-driven, with no RNG, so the best strategy (cards willing) will generally win the match.

It’s an impressive game with a cool Anime Sci-Fi aesthetic and deeply tactical card based combat that doesn’t alienate newcomers. Well worth checking out for a fun, fast paced and strategic mech-based twist on the CCG genre.

Download The Cosmos Invictus Beta here (Steam)