Costumenaut – Alpha Demo

costumenaut game

Costumenaut is a hardcore top down arena shooter with roguelike elements, in which you blast and brawl your way through increasingly overwhelming swarms of aliens using nine different choices of tactical suits, cool power-ups and stackable perks.

You start Costumenaut with a choice of nine different tactical suits, each of which have their own firepower and special skills. You’re then set loose in a randomly generated alien landscape and must defend yourself against increasingly challenging waves of randomised enemies.

There are useful power-ups and medikits scattered throughout the arena and blasting enough aliens will cause you to level up, which then gives you a choice of four different stackable perks to choose from. Much like in The Binding of Isaac, the quality of the perks that you acquire will have a significant effect on your chances of survival.

As well as Arena Mode, the full game will also feature an Adventure Mode with bigger maps and objectives. It’s a tough game, and you’ll need some real skill to stay alive for more than a few minutes. The swarms of enemies are relentless and there’s a wide variety of different types to take on too – from tiny grunts to hulking giants. If you like your area shooting to offer a real challenge and plenty of replayability, we recommend suiting up for Costumenaut.

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Download The Costumenaut Alpha Demo Here (Windows)