Count Downula – Game Jam Build Download

Count Downula, a sleek puzzle game made for the GM48: Countdown, sees you trying to get Dracula to his rubber ducky before the sun burns him!

Dracula keeps misplacing his favorite rubber ducky. This duck is his best friend, so you will need to make it all the way back to retrieve the toy before the sunlight has reached your skin. Each move you make brings the sun one tile closer, taunting you as you move. At first, it is pretty easy to get Dracula to the duck, however, the game starts to introduce new challenges.

You can grab potions to become a bat – the sun does not move while bats move. This only lasts for a limited time, before you turn back into your vampire self. You can slide across mud, but you can only stop when you hit a wall or spike. Speaking of spikes, they start appearing, bouncing through the floor with each move. You can move around them, but spikes do kill vampires, so your moves will need to be majorly calculated.

Count Downula is very well made, providing a lot of polished levels for you to experience. Planning out your path while the sun chases you can sometimes be complex, but surely you can make it to your best and most loyal friend!

Download Count Downula Here (Windows)