Counter Spell – Alpha Download

Counter  Spell 2

Counter Spell combines elements of classic role playing games with modern tactical and stealth-based shooters, all wrapped up in a wonderful retro aesthetic that makes it feel like a first person Zelda shooter at times.

We first covered Counter Spell last year and development has come along nicely since then.  In the game you customise your character by selecting unique spells, perks and abilities then make your way through single player quests, co-op or competetice multiplayer.  As you play you’ll collect lots of lovely loot, and your abilities allow for some uniquely tactical gameplay, with you able to lay traps, use powerful items or just hurl fireballs at your enemies.

There’s also a detailed level editor, allowing you to easily create and share levels with others, you can even take control of the levels monsters to really challenge your friends.

It’s a fun game, with a great blend of RPG and FPS action, which allows you to play, create and share, as well as maim, burn and kill.  Spelltacular.

Check Out the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Counter Spell Alpha HERE