Courier Of The Crypts – Prototype Download

Courier of the crypts

Courier of the Crypts is a charming pixel art action adventure game where you play a courier on an errand to the guardian of the crypts, killing enemies, solving puzzles and avoiding traps along the way.

As you traverse the dangerous crypts, your magic torch forms a pivotal role, lighting your way, helping you solve puzzles and affecting the environment.  You’ll have to keep your torch topped up with magic and learn when to toggle it on and off, as some enemies actively seek it out to extinguish it.

The story has a nice mix of humor and mystery, and there’s a fantastic atmosphere thanks to the wonderful pixel art animation and ambient sound. The dungeons of Courier of the Crypts are great places to explore, full of unknown dangers, treasures, puzzles and secrets.  Just make sure you keep that torch alight!

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