Coven – Alpha Download

Coven is an incredibly brutal old school run ‘n gun FPS where a bullet-time witch goes on a bloody rampage after being burned at the stake by villagers.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics like Quake, DOOM and Hexen, Coven is a retro FPS/slasher set in the 1600’s. In the game you take control of a woman who has been magically resurrected after being burned at the stake by a mob of superstitious villagers. You now set out to exact your revenge by shooting and hacking them into bloody chunks, then and feasting on their innards to recover health!

The current build of Coven takes around 20 minutes to play through and creatures one large level, filled with secrets, weapons and villagers to turn into a bloody pulp. The gameplay is fast, fun and delightfully brutal, with enemies exploding into fleshy chunks when you kill them. There are a few little puzzles to solve and it’s definitely worth searching for secret areas too, as that’s where most of the weapons are hidden and you also get to learn a little more of the story/lore. If you get into a tight spot you can also activate a bullet-time ability, giving you more time to react and allowing you to see the carnage unfold in glorious slow-mo!

Even though the current build of Coven is still very early in development it’s already a hell of a lot of fun. The movement is fast and fluid, the setting is interesting and the guns feel great. A witchy retro run ‘n gun FPS that will put a spell on you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Coven Alpha Here (Windows)