Cow Thunder Simulator – Alpha Sign Up

Cow Thunder Simulator is a thoroughly ridiculous new war simulation game that allows you to harness the almighty power of cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, cows and chickens as you do battle in massive carnage-filled sandbox battles.

Currently in development from the creators of Total Tank SimulatorCow Thunder Simulator offers a thoroughly bizarre take on war simulation. It features a selection of missions that sees you jumping into units and attempting waves of oncoming enemies, but as with TABS and Total Tank Simulator, the real fun comes in Sandbox Mode.

In Cow Thunder Simulator Sandbox mode you’re able to place a selection of units on both sides of a battlefield and then watch on as they battle to the death. There’s a nice variety of units, including cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, sheep, cow launchers, stacks, tanks and kamikaze units – each of which can be jumped into and controlled at any time.

It’s a very silly take on the war simulator genre, that allows for some truly massive battles (if your GPU can take it) full of wonderfully wobbly ragdoll animal mayhem. Well worth checking out for some silly sandbox carnage, and never doubt the power of a weaponised kitty cat!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha is No Longer Available