Crabbed or Alive – Game Jam Build Download

Crabbed or Alive Download

Crabbed or Alive, a quirky first person gallery shooter made for the GMTK Jam, has you firing at cowboy crabs and awkwardly loading your gun!

Armed with your pistol and a little ammo, in Crabbed or Alive you walk around an old western town, shooting a gang of crabs that have you vastly outnumbered. Movement is like a traditional Doom-style FPS, but when you enter aim mode the screen locks into a shooting gallery-style perspective and you aim the gun independently. A while circle appears and slowly gets smaller around the crabs – this shows when a crab is going to shoot back – so you must shoot quickly and accurately to avoid being shot yourself. You’re not totally screwed if they shoot you though – you can actually position your gun between you and the crabs to stop the bullets!

If you shoot more than one crab without lowering your gun, you will gain more ammo – which you will need to stay alive in this western world. Reloading your gun will take some practice, as you must aim and drop the bullets into the barrel of your gun, and unless you drop them accurately, they will just fall to the floor, wasted.

Crabbed or Alive is a pretty tough game that takes a few attempts to get used to, but taking out the crabs and reloading your gun is great fun once you get the hang of it. A fun little game that’s not just about precision shooting – it’s about precision loading too!

Download Crabbed or Alive Here (Windows & Mac)