Cramped Room of Death – Alpha Demo

Cramped Room of Death is an inventive little puzzle game where you need to maneuver your character and their long weapon through a cramped tile-based dungeon.

In Cramped Room of Death your character and their weapon take up two spaces on the floor of the dungeon you’re exploring. As the title suggests, the dungeon is a little cramped though so you need to plan your movements and try to orientate your character correctly so they can squeeze through it, avoiding traps and dispatching enemies along the way.

The current build of Cramped Room of Death features 15 levels, and although they’re not particularly challenging, it’s a great concept that has a lot of potential. It’s a fun test of your spatial awareness and it makes for a very unique dungeon crawling experience where your weapon is as much a hindrance as a help. A cramped little puzzler well worth squeezing into your to-play list.

Download or Play Cramped Room of Death Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Browser)