Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister – Beta Download


Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister is a fabulous fan made project that’s recreating the Playstation classic, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped from the ground up in Unreal Engine!

The current Beta Build features one whole level (Tomb Wader) recreated for your pleasure, and it really does feel like a blast from the past. The visuals and audio feel very much like an authentic Crash game, and the difficulty level is punishingly tough (those unaccustomed to the difficulty may very well end up rage quitting).

Fans have been crying out for a new Crash game for some time now, and while Sony have announced some remakes are in the works. God knows how long they’ll take to arrive, but until then, Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister looks like it’ll have plenty to offer fans of the series. The current level is a near perfect recreation and the devs plan to recreate lots more fan favorite levels (Gone Tomorrow, Hang ‘em High, Toad Village, Tiny Tiger Arena and Warp Room).

We look forward to seeing more of Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister, as it’s off to a very good (and very tough) start. Welcome back Crash, we’ve missed you!

Note: Remember you have your fruit launcher to dispatch some of the more deadly enemies!

Check Out a Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available