Crash Co. – Alpha Demo

Crash Co

Blast Corps is back! (sort of) – Crash Co. is a spiritual successor to Rare’s N64 classic which sees you using a variety of vehicles to smash, bash, and blow up buildings that are in the way of a runaway semi filled with explosives.

Gameplay in Crash Co. will be familiar to anyone who has played Blast Corps, with you clearing obstacles out of the way of the runaway semi using any means necessary (blowing them up usually does the trick!).  It’s still early in development, but it already nails the vibe of the original, with 3 main levels (2 Bulldozer and 1 Attack Copter) as well as 2 bonus levels, all filled with lots of playful destruction.

For added nostalgia value, Crash Co. even features songs from the original Blast Corps soundtrack, although they’re just a placeholder (Rare probably wouldn’t look to fondly on them being in the final release).  It’s a wonderful little destructive toy box that’s shaping up to be a great tribute to Rare’s classic, and a great game in it’s own right – smashing fun.

Note: Remember you can exit your vehicle (you’ll need to to get into other vehicles)

Download The Crash Co. Alpha Demo Here